More Advantages = Increase in Government Sales

Nine Ways We Can Increase Your Government and Large Utility Business Sales.

We can increase your profits by using our company as your supplier for federal, California state government, and California regulated public utility bids, and becoming a dealer on your federal GSA Schedule and California Multiple Awards Schedule (CMAS).

1. $5 Million Sole Source Advantage

Public Law 108-183 provides Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Businesses (SDVOSB’s) with sole source opportunities up to $5 million per contract.

2. $7.5 Billion Set-aside Advantage

Public Law 108-183 creates a set-aside provision for SDVOSB’s in federal contracting. Every federal agency must attempt to set-aside at least 3 percent of their annual contract awards to Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Businesses. California law also mandates that State agencies award at least 3% of their contract awards to certified Disabled Veteran Business Enterprises (DVBEs). California regulated public utility companies also have a legislated goal of 1.5% for certified California DVBE's.

3. Veterans First

With Public Law 109-461the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs (VA) elevates SDVOSB’s to the top of the list for procurement opportunities. This legislation also provides competitive set-asides, improves sub-contracting partnerships, and allows sole sourcing up to $5 million dollars per contract.

4. Targeted Bid Advantage

California’s Proposition 209 ended all preferential public contracting incentives on the basis of race, sex, color, ethnicity or national origin. As a result, service disabled veterans are the only group that currently receive targeted opportunities for California’s annual contract awards. In addition, most state agencies include a disabled veteran component in their bids exceeding $10,000 in order to meet their 3% legislated goal. For most of our product line, we are the only certified DVBE in California. As our supplier, you will benefit from that exclusivity.

5. 5% Bid Advantage

California law (AB 1084) provides a 5% bid advantage to Small Businesses. When we bid contracts using your products, our quote will be very competitive and highly successful.

6. 10% Stackable Bid Advantage

California Law (SB115) provides a 1%–5% stackable bid advantage to DVBE's. Many of these opportunities do not contain any incentive caps. Combined with the 5% Small Business Advantage our bids will be very competitive and highly successful.

7. Additional Bid Advantages

​​California Code of Regulations, Title 2, Subchapter 1896.6, allows a non-small business to claim a 5% small business preference if they commit to subcontract at least 25% of the net bid price with our certified small business company. California Code of Regulation, Title 2, subchapter 1896.1 and 1896.3 provides our business which is physically located in an Enterprise Zone Act (EZA) and Target Area Contract Preference Act (TACPA) additional bid preferences for contracts that exceed $100,000.00

8. Advocacy/Marketing Advantage

California law (AB 941) requires each state agency and department to appoint a DVBE Advocate to assist each certified DVBE firm in increasing their contract awards. In addition DVBE firms are notified electronically of all state contract opportunities. No cost ads can be placed on these electronic bid notifications advising prime contractors of our ability to provide subcontractor components. Our suppliers benefit from this substantial marketing advantage.

9. Prompt Payment Advantage

California's Prompt Payment Act substantially penalizes State agencies that do not pay certified small businesses within 45 days of receipt of the invoice. There is no exception, even if the State has not passed a Budget Act. The penalty is 0.25% per calendar day, or approximately 90% per year. California’s Prompt Payment Act ensures that we will be able to pay our suppliers within 45 days or less.