Why we are NOT California DVBE certified

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We have decided to update our website with a web page to let our current and future customers know why we have chosen NOT to re-certify with the California DVBE Program.  This will hopefully allow the people to see the type of abuse that is happening within the system, and hopefully allow the system to one day be fixed. The men and woman that are being taken advantage of in this system are men and women that have put their lives on the line for this country, and that have paid a price in order to have the rights that we have. It is hard to participate in this program knowing that there are others out there that are also being taken advantage of.  We have chosen at this time NOT to re-certify for the lack of accountability and abuse within system.

DVBE SUPPLY has chosen not to participate in the California DVBE Program.  The reason for this, is that DVBE SUPPLY was notified through the California Highway Patrol that DVBE SUPPLY was apart of a contract that was awarded to Precision Garage Doors and Gates, Inc. This contract was a maintenance contract and DVBE SUPPLY was listed as the material supplier of this contract. DVBE SUPPLY did not receive any contract documents from CHP other than the award letter.  After the contract expired, DVBE SUPPLY notified Tracy Bowen which is the DVBE Advocate for CHP. Tracy Bowen never acknowledged the first notification of violation, so DVBE SUPPLY sent a second notification of violation. Again, Tracy Bowen refused to acknowledge the violation. It was only until one of the other staff stepped in and acknowledged the notification of violation and tasked Tracy Bowen, "this is the second notice of violation from this company, what are we going to do about it?". Tracy Bowen responded to the email and said "there is nothing we can do, and that it was an issue between the contractor and the DVBE." 

At this point there was another contract that was expiring and again we notified Tracy Bowen that Precision Garage Doors and Gates, Inc. has not done any business with DVBE SUPPLY and is also in violation of this contract. Again, Tracy Bowen ignored DVBE SUPPLY and did nothing. DVBE SUPPLY was then notified about a request for substitution from Precision Garage Doors and Gates, Inc. for all the contracts that they had with DVBE SUPPLY. DVBE SUPPLY thought that there were only three contracts.  Tracy Bowen and Patricia Gamoning approved the request for substitution, DGS denied it for the application being incomplete.  At this time, DVBE SUPPLY submitted a PRA request just to see how many contracts that DVBE SUPPLY had been listed on. The results were astonishing. It turns out that they had used our certification number and fraudulently signed DVBE paperwork on over 27 contracts. We notified the Office of Small Business and DVBE Services (OSDS) and the Department of General Services (DGS) of all the violations. We were later notified by the California Highway Patrol that Precision Garage Doors and Gates, Inc. canceled 14 contracts with the California Highway Patrol which had our certification number attached to it.  Click here to see cancellation of contracts.

DVBE SUPPLY is in receipt of the investigation report from DGS and OSDS and have decided not to upload it at this time until a final decision has been made from DGS and OSDS. 

What does the investigation include:

The report shows that the DVBE Program is broken. It shows that there is no accountability and no follow up in the program. Precision Garage Doors and Gates, Inc. is in fact still doing business with the California Highway Patrol.

We do however appreciate all CHP staff that did their jobs and assisted DVBE SUPPLY while this investigation was ongoing.  Although this program was setup to help disabled veterans, a lot of disabled veterans are being taken advantage of by this program and being hurt by it. The disabled veterans take their time to bid on jobs, invest in materials and supplies, only to be taken advantage of by a faulty system.

We are not putting this out to the public to hurt or blame CHP for any wrong doing, only to show to other DVBE companies that this is happening and you might want to think twice before participating in the DVBE Program. We also hope that these agencies will look more into their DVBE program to make sure that DVBE companies are not taken advantage of. By making this public you can choose to protect yourself and your company if you're a DVBE certified company, and agencies can help by seeing the violations that we encountered.

This report also is to show how, though the agencies that have a DVBE goal, this can be fraudulently reported, such in this case where over 27 contracts were reported to the State of California for being in compliance, the truth is, they were not. This would however effect their over DVBE reporting.

DVBE SUPPLY will update this page as more information becomes available.

Not happy that this contractor still works for the California Highway Patrol?

Contact Jacquelyn Ngo at jacquelyn.ngo@chp.ca.gov 

Has the California Highway Patrol and/or the DGS done anything regarding the abuse?

No. At this time only an investigation was done with a recommendation. In fact, Precision Garage Doors and Gates, Inc. have been awarded more contracts with the CHP since the investigation was done and the recommendation was given. The investigation report was dated June 7, 2018.

What you can do to see if your being taken advantage of:   


You have the right to to submit a public records request to any public agency. DVBE SUPPLY highly recommends that you submit a Public Records Request to CHP for all contracts that might contain your certification number.  If you need assistance with this, please feel free to contact us.